A Flash of Hope

Hope, Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi decided to convert Ferozepur Road into a dual carriageway. He started working on it. Yet after several years, progress was inadequate on this project. A lot of traffic problems was developed, at the same time, people observed a high level of incompetence in the form of flour shortage. There was destruction everywhere. But after the election of 2008, a new sun of blessing has ensue in the form of Shahbaz Sharif (ex-CM of Punjab).

People of Punjab saw massive development with speed in Punjab that was never happened before. Now project on time stands for project with Shahbaz speed. I remember in 2011, when Dengue hit Punjab and the experts said, we may face massive human bodies loss but, Salute to Mr. Shahbaz because of his vision Punjab did not face such a huge loss.


All Punjab government was focused to it and in ales span of time dengue was fully controlled. Likewise, when terrorism was on peak Punjab was considered one of the securest places in Pakistan because of Shahbaz Sharif. Street crime is also a major cause of instability but after the Dolphin force, which is also a project of Shahbaz sharif to control street crime.

After the insertion of Dolphin force, street crime has been down to 80 percent. Extortion was one of the major problems in Karachi (Pakistan’s economical hub), but Punjab’s citizens never know the meaning of extortion. Moreover, Electricity and other Big and major projects of different departments such as Health, WASA, Agriculture, and unlimited projects that are difficult to count, all are on the shoulders of Shahbaz.

2018 was a year of change, Punjab was handed over to Mr. Buzadar a symbol of so-called anti-status co and anti-etc.,. Now there is development but no one can see the so-called development. That was all feigned and people were so poor to believe. Roads are destroyed, once no one had seen a small hole between roads in the era of Shahbaz. Mismanagement is on top, dengue spreads all across once again.

Corruption is one of the paramount issues of this government but we are seeing corruption all around when something bad happened in the Shahbaz sharif’s Government, people used to say that we need not to worry that will be considered strictly for sure. Now everything is on stake no one is taking responsibility. People of Punjab are worried and praying for the next elections so that they would get back Shahbaz sharif as the CM- of Punjab. But people of Pakistan want Shahbaz Sharif as Prime minister of Pakistan because change is everywhere and people are tired from this tabdeli. And want peace in their life.

 Zaid Baig

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