Cherry Runtz Strain: The Sweetest Escape You’ll Ever Taste!

Cherry Runtz Strain


What is Cherry Runtz Strain?

It is a hybrid marijuana strain that is created by cross breeding Runtz with Cherry Pie and resulting in large, gorgeous purple buds that go with it. Its effects, Cherry Runtz are believed to be both euphoric as well as slightly tingly. It causes people feel euphoric, giddy and relaxed. It has 17% THC and 1% CBG. The predominant terpene of the strain is limonene. It’s a pleasant terpene that has a floral aroma as well as notes of rose1 and berries. Patients who use medical marijuana say that they use this strain in it helps with symptoms like depression, anxiety and insomnia. The breeder who started the breeding process for Cherry Runtz is Elev8 Seeds.

History of Cherry Runtz Strain

The origins of Cherry Runtz is not very precise, yet the majority of marijuana users think it was derived in LA. It is a hybrid cannabis variety that has the genes of famous Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie varieties. The name Runtz is a reference to a line of candies that are crunchy that are sold by Nestle that are designed and flavoured like fruit. The first Runts candy came out in 1982 and featured strawberries, bananas, cherries as well as lime, orange and flavors. The candy had bright and vibrant center which matched the outer shell. Through the years the candy went through various flavor modifications and new flavors like watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Pineapple mango, green apple and grape. The latest Runts candy comes with a white center, and is available with five different flavors: bananas and strawberry, as well as orange, green apple and grape.

The breeder who created the original Cherry Runtz was Elev8 Seeds, who crossed Runtz with Cherry Pie to create this variety. It is known for its sweet, earthy scent as well as its purple buds as well as its stimulating and euphoric sensations. It has a high THC concentration of 17% as well as the lowest CBG percentage of 1%4. The predominant terpene that is present in this particular strain is limonene. It creates a citrusy flavor. It is very popular with people who are suffering from depression, anxiety as well as insomnia.

Genetics of Cherry Runtz Strain

The genes that make up Cherry Runtz represent a blend of two varieties of cannabis which are well-known: Runtz and Cherry Pie. Runtz is a hybrid of Zkittlez and Gelato both fruity and strong strains. Cherry Pie Cherry Pie is an indica-dominated plant that is rooted in Grandaddy Purp as well as Durban Poison and Durban Poison, two popular cultivars with different effects. The breeder who began cultivating it is Elev8 Seeds which crosses Runtz together with Cherry Pie to create this tasty and balanced variety. There are numerous variations which are variations of Cherry Runtz, such as Cherry Lime Runtz and Chocolate Cherry Runtz.

Cherry Lime Runtz is a item manufactured by Sapphire Farms, a family of farmers that grow organic hemp grown under sunlight located in Michigan. Chocolate Cherry Runtz is produced of GreenRush the collective of cannabis enthusiasts who reside within California. Both are crossbreeds of Cherry Pie as well as Runtz but with different traits and traits.

Appearance of Cherry Runtz strain

Appearance of Cherry Runtz strain

Bud size, color, and shape

Its buds are large and heavy with a rock-like structure which is minty green in hue. They’re covered with a dense coating of white trichomes which shine under sunlight. These buds are also adorned with hues of green, purple and red, making the buds a vibrant and appealing appearance. The typical size for its buds is about 3.5 grams. However, they will vary according to the growth conditions and nature of the phenotype.

Trichome coverage

Cherry Runtz strain buds boast a dense covering of trichomes that create an icy white frozen appearance, appearing bright and sparkling with medium-sized heads as well as resin clusters created from resin production. Its genetics display these characteristically amorphous moist trichomes; these contribute both strength and flavor of it as a source for cannabinoids and Terpenes which create its aroma as well as effects.

Terpene profile

It contains various aromatic compounds which combine to give this strain its characteristic smell and flavor, including limonene which can also be found in citrus fruit, mint and juniper plants – it gives off a citrusy floral fragrance with potential anti-inflammatory, anxiety and mood-boosting benefits. It may contain myrcene, caryophyllene, linalool and pinene as additional terpenes; myrcene boasts an earthy fragrance with potential therapeutic and analgesic uses; caryophyllene boasts spicy peppery notes which may provide anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

Linalool boasts floral lavender notes which may serve to both reduce anxiety levels as well as be used against depression; pinene boasts piney wood tones for potential anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator effects as well as memory enhancement properties. It features an abundance of terpenes which contributes to its complex yet pleasing flavor, including notes of berry, rose, lavender, cream and citrus. Furthermore, these terpenes interact with THC and CBG cannabinoids to form the entourage effect which enhances overall effects of this strain – offering potential relief to medical marijuana users suffering from anxiety depression insomnia etc. Cherry Runtz strain is best-known for euphoric yet tingly effects as well as potential medical benefits to help patients suffering from anxiety depression insomnia etc.

Aroma and Flavor of Cherry Runtz strain

Aroma and Flavor of Cherry Runtz strain

Sweet, fruity, and sour aroma

Cherry Runtz offers an inviting aroma characterized by sweet, fruity, and sour notes thanks to its terpene profile and parent strains. Runtz genetics were inspired by candy with similar name while Cherry Pie genetics offer tart cherry taste for tart flavor notes in Cherry Runtz aroma. Furthermore, Limonene adds citrusy floral tones making Cherry Runtz very desirable and appealing; you may find yourself salivating just from its smell alone! Its aroma may make your mouth water!

Cherry, berry, and citrus flavors

It offers delicious cherry, berry and citrus flavors that perfectly compliment its aroma. Cherry flavor comes from Cherry Pie parent strain which offers sweet-and-sour cherry notes; Berry flavors from Runtz parent strain which boast fruity and candy-like characteristics; citrus notes come from Limonene Terpene’s lemony/orangey aroma. Cherry Runtz tastes truly delightful – deliciously satisfying yet leave you craving more!

Effects of Cherry Runtz Strain

Cherry Runtz offers balanced indica-sativa hybrid effects to fit all moods and occasions. Cherry Pie parent strain produces relaxing effects to relax body and mind; Runtz parent strain’s stimulating and energetic high boost mood and energy for an uplifted experience; THC and CBG cannabinoids have psychoactive and anti-inflammatory effects for added pleasure – you could feel aroused, giggly or sleepy depending on their impact; Cherry Runtz effects make every experience pleasurable!

Relaxing, euphoric, and uplifting

Relaxing, euphoric, and uplifting

Cherry Runtz offers relaxing, euphoric, and uplifting effects that can leave you feeling good and contented. The relaxing effect comes from indica side of strain’s indica strain’s indica side which helps users unwind tension-ridden bodies; THC’s psychoactive cannabinoids stimulate your mind while increasing senses stimulation; finally its uplifting sativa strain side can boost both mood and creativity for an overall positive experience which might even leave one feeling tickly aroused and giggly! Cherry Runtz effects make for very pleasant positive experiences; giving rise to pleasant sensations like tickling arouses or giggly feels.

Pain relief and anxiety relief

Pain relief and anxiety relief

Cherry Runtz contains an abundant supply of limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene which contribute to its sweet fruity and sour flavors as well as therapeutic potential. Limonene boasts citrusy floral tones with mood-enhancing and anti-anxiety effects while caryophyllene’s spicy peppery notes may offer anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anxiolytic benefits while myrcene features musky earthiness for additional medicinal applications – perfect! Cherry Runtz contains terpenes with properties to provide pain relief and anxiety reduction while creating an enjoyable euphoric experience. Furthermore, their interaction with cannabinoids such as THC and CBG creates the entourage effect which enhances overall effects of strains like Cherry Runtz. Enjoyable experiences can be had both recreationally as well as medically with this strain! Cherry Runtz delivers delicious and beneficial experiences both recreationally and medically!

Medical Uses of Cherry Runtz Strain

Cherry Runtz is an indica strain with various medical applications depending on an individual’s and condition’s individual circumstances. According to my sources. Possible uses of Cherry Runtz include:

  • Anxiety:Cherry Runtz can assist in relieving anxiety by producing a relaxing effect on both mind and body, improving mood and increasing confidence to handle social situations more easily. Cherry Runtz contains high amounts of limonene which has anti-anxiety properties.
  • Depression: Cherry Runtz can provide relief by stimulating feelings of euphoria and happiness. Additionally, it may increase creativity and motivation and make daily tasks more pleasurable – its sweet-fruity aroma can uphold spirits while improving one’s state of mind.
  • Insomnia: Cherry Runtz can aid sleepiness by relaxing body and mind. It may also ease pain and stress relief that are commonly linked to insomnia; additionally it contains high amounts of CBG which has sedative properties.

Cherry Runtz may offer various potential medical uses, although none can be guaranteed or universally applicable to all individuals. Users may experience different results depending on factors like tolerance, dosage and physiology – to get optimal results it’s advisable to speak to your healthcare provider first and start with low doses to increase gradually until finding your optimal dose level. Hopefully this information has provided greater clarity around Cherry Runtz’s potential uses! Stay safe and healthy!

Side Effects of Cherry Runtz Strain

Cherry Runtz is a hybrid cannabis strain created through crossing Runtz with Cherry Pie, with purple buds that carry lavender aroma. This strain boasts 17% THC, 1% CBG and its dominant terpene is limonene; reported effects include euphoria, arousal giggles, sleepiness. Cherry Runtz can cause side effects which it is important to be aware of prior to using. These side effects include:

  • Dry mouth and dry eyes: Runtz use typically leads to dry mouth and eyes, and they may be alleviated through drinking plenty of water and using eye drops.
Dry mouth and dry eyes Cherry Runtz Strain
  • Anxiety or Paranoia: Either due to too much THC content in a strain you consume too frequently or being susceptible, anxiety and paranoia are likely. You could experience panic attacks, racing thoughts and/or irrational fears as symptoms appear; to reduce this possibility take small doses gradually or choose one with lower THC/higher CBD ratio. To do this you could start out low, increasing gradually or opt for strains with reduced or no THC/high CBD ratio content.
Anxiety or Paranoia Cherry Runtz Strain

Hope that this information aids your decision when using Cherry Runtz. However, please remember this is no replacement for medical advice from a professional; always talk to a doctor prior to using cannabis medicinally for any condition or symptom. Stay safe and enjoy responsibly!

Growing Tips Cherry Runtz Strain

Indoor or outdoor cultivation Cherry Runtz strain

Like other strains Cherry Runtz is an extremely flexible hybrid strain, as it can be grown indoors and outdoor depending on personal preferences and environmental considerations. However, there are certain distinctions between indoor and outdoor cultivation methods which you should keep in mind before selecting either method of cultivation.

  • Indoor cultivation: With indoor cultivation, you have more control of the environment – temperature, humidity, light levels and nutrients – for optimal growth and yield of Cherry Runtz. You may use hydroponic setup to maximize growth. Unfortunately, this requires additional equipment, space and electricity costs which could increase costs significantly as well as complexity when growing this strain. It typically flowers within 7-9 weeks indoors.
Indoor cultivation Cherry Runtz Strain
  • Outdoor cultivation: Cherry Runtz can be grown outdoors using sunlight, soil and climate as sources for its nourishment. Outdoor cultivation tends to be cheaper and simpler than its indoor equivalent as no artificial lighting or ventilation needs are involved compared with its counterpart; however it exposes your plants to pests, diseases, temperature swings and theft, all which could impede harvest quality or quantity – outdoor Cherry Runtz harvest can take place up until mid-October for this method of cultivation.
Outdoor cultivation Cherry Runtz Strain

Cherry Runtz cultivation depends largely on personal choice, budget and experience. Either way, growing this strain is rewarding as its beautiful purple buds produce sweet fruity aromas that bring joy. I hope this information has provided enough resources for you to begin cultivating Cherry Runtz yourself and I wish you much success as you embark on your growing journey! Happy growing!

Medium-to-high-yielding strain

Cherry Runtz is a medium to high yield strain depending on cultivation method and conditions, producing yields between 1-2% as reported in my sources. As per these sources, it could produce such harvests as: Indoor yield: 14-16 ounces per m21 or 1 to 2 oz per foot is possible through using hydroponics equipment with optimal lighting, temperature and humidity levels – Cherry Runtz flowers in 7-9 weeks indoors. Outdoor yield: 15 to 20 oz per plant when grown in soil in sunny and warm climate conditions. Cherry Runtz can typically be harvested outdoors by mid-October outdoors. Cherry Runtz is an abundant strain that will deliver plenty of buds if it is properly nurtured, yet other factors like cost, space and security of cultivation must also be taken into consideration when planning its growth. I hope this information helps your Cherry Runtz harvest go smoothly! Happy Harvesting!

60-70 days flowering time

Yes, that is correct – Cherry Runtz typically flowers within 60-70 days (8-10 weeks, depending on phenotype and conditions), meaning you can enjoy your buds much sooner! With its short bloom time for hybrid strains like Cherry Runtz, you will enjoy your buds faster. However, you should closely observe your plants to ascertain when is best time for harvest, since different stages of maturity can alter both potency and flavor of your buds. As with most things, use magnifying glasses or microscopes to inspect the color and clarity of trichomes; look for ones with milky or amber hues for optimal ripening, while brown or orange pistils indicate maturity levels that match up perfectly with optimal growth of Cherry Runtz plants. I hope these tips assist you in growing Cherry Runtz successfully; best wishes!


Cherry Runtz is an exceptional strain that has earned many admirers and followers. Fruity and sweet smell and flavor reminiscing of cherry pie or candy, plus smooth creamy smoke that easily fills my lungs, it produces feelings of euphoria, relaxation, creativity and arousal depending on dosage and phenotype – not to mention relieving anxiety depression insomnia pain among many other conditions! Perfect for social events as well as relaxing by itself it’s ideal when used responsibly with others or consumed responsibly with friends & family & loved ones! Cherry Runtz can fit many situations or moods; be it relaxing by itself or having some fun by itself it has so many qualities it’s hard not to like its sweet aroma & taste and its smooth creamy smoke makes inhaling enjoyable experiences every time!

Cherry Runtz can offer benefits to both medical and recreational users when used responsibly and moderately. Medical users will appreciate its therapeutic qualities such as relieving stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain; recreational users will revel in its pleasurable effects such as euphoria, giggles, arousal and sleepiness – the latter especially as Cherry Runtz heightens senses and makes music, food and art even more pleasurable than usual! Cherry Runtz truly can make people feel good in many different ways!


What Is Cherry Runtz?

Its Cherry Runtz is a hybrid cannabis strain created through crossing Gelato with Zkittlez. Distinguished for its sweet fruity and sour aroma as well as balanced indica/sativa hybrid effects, Cherry Runtz is widely utilized both medically and recreationally.

What are the effects of Cherry Runtz?

Cherry Runtz offers an indica/sativa hybrid effect, meaning it produces both relaxing and stimulating results for users. Some users report feeling relaxed, uplifted and upbeat after using Cherry Runtz; other individuals experience sleepyness or pain relief depending on individual user profile or dosage level. Results will depend upon both user preferences and dosage level.

What are the medical uses for Cherry Runtz?

Cherry Runtz has proven itself effective at different medical conditions, including depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. Furthermore, its relaxing qualities make it ideal for helping users to relax and de-stress.

What are the side effects of Cherry Runtz?

Cherry Runtz may cause dry mouth, dry eyes and paranoia when taken in high doses; dizziness, nausea and vomiting could also occur; should any adverse side effects appear after using Cherry Runtz strain it is important to discontinue use and seek medical advice if required.

How do I Grow Cherry Runtz?

Cherry Runtz can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Although relatively straightforward to cultivate, this strain requires warm, humid climate conditions for optimal cultivation. Cherry Runtz plants typically flower within 60-70 days and yield 2 ounces per square foot yield.

Where can I purchase Cherry Runtz?

Cherry Runtz is an extremely popular strain, so it can be found at many dispensaries and online. Additionally, seeds for Cherry Runtz may also be purchased directly online.

Does Cherry Runtz belong to either indica or sativa varieties of cannabis?

Nope – she belongs to both types! Cherry Runtz is a hybrid strain, but generally considered indica dominant. This means it produces relaxing and sedating effects of indica strains while simultaneously offering some stimulating or upping qualities from its sativa parentage.

Could you inform me on the THC and CBD levels found in Cherry Runtz?

Cherry Runtz THC levels vary based on its source, typically falling within 18-25% range and with CBD concentrations that may go as high as 1-2%.

Which flavors make up Cherry Runtz?

Cherry Runtz offers an irresistibly sweet, fruity, and tart taste – most commonly described by users as cherries, berries and citrus flavors.


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