Friends American sitcom: Reunion 2023

Friends American Sitcom 2021

Friends American sitcom

Could we be anymore in love with Friends. From 1994 to this day 2023 they hold a special place in our hearts. From parents to grandparents and now grand childs everyone is in love with this show. This show doesn’t go away. We are gonna talk all about Friends. If you are Friends virgin like a laundry virgin let us tell you to back away right now because there are gonna be some spoiler alerts.

Friends got everything in it. From friendship, commitment, career, love, support and parenthood, its all in one package kind of thing. Set in hustle and bustle of NY city, its beautifully created by David Crane and Marta Fran Kauffman, beautifully acted by Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer.

We know you have read articles about them and you think we are gonna bore you. But the truth is when ever you read something about them the Friends it seems so good and new.

What makes Friends so good 

There are many sitcom that bring joy in people’ may not agree with us but it’s okay we are not here to force anything on you all. We respect your thinking and views. But we are here to talk a little about only this sitcom because we are kind of star struck. There comes a question in mind that what make Friends so good and keeping it fresh in this era after 26 year and we still don’t know what does chandler do for a living. Well ahh!! blue tv apk We know he is kind of a transponster. It’s the wholesome story and positivity it gives away, their chemistry. And they got all the topics that are in talk these days too.

  • Dating
  • Jobs
  • Fashion
  • Friendship
  •  Life

Everything is there. It is a package that is just a mood lifter. Because friends and friendship never changes.

Friends American Sitcom 2021

Chemistry between characters 

The Chemistry between characters is so pure and perfect that it seems they are not made up characters but real life friends and there is a fact that they are now very good friends all of them. From Matthew Perry’s illness to Courtney Cox’s break they were all in this together. This chemistry made them stand out on rest of the shows. In several interviews may they all are together or separate, they always talk about others and gow they all are doing and how they are still meeting and i think it is beautiful.ativador office 2016 Getting to the point where you don’t have to meet each other every other day or talk those long talks. But whenever you talk you know nothing has changed and everything is same for you all that’s the real friendship and that’s what they have.

Friends American Sitcom 2021

They got each other’s back

From Monica’s No!!!! To Joey’s how you doin, fun is all there. Each character standing by other and was there in any case. Everyone was jobless in the show at sometimes and no one left other at that time of need but supported eachother. From pheobe lending money to monica and chandler taking care of his baby joey, well he was a baby to him at least.  They were there for each other no matter what because they said I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU. And they not only said but did. When Richard broke up with Monica and she lost her sense for once but everyone helped her get through this. Well this was not a big deal but when Pheobe wanted to be a surrogate everyone respected her decision and Rachel too when she wanted to be a single mother. When monica couldn’t convince and decided to adopt everyone got together to help in any way they can so they don’t feel sad.

Friends taught us many things. They taught us that this world is not a peice of candy but you will get through this no matter what. Just like Monica said:

Welcome to the real world it sucks but you are gonna love it. And think we do love it.

I wikl be there for you, Friends

Character evolution


Monica was best person she was so considerate of everyone, she cooked, host Thanksgiving dinners and took care of all grown up babies. She was kind of mother figure to everyone.

Monica, Friends


Chandler became the best husband, best father figure when he met the best, her other half her love Monica. The potential was always there but never came out untill right woman came along. From uncertain person to a man who knows when he was ready for marriage and he stood strong to take her woman.

Chandler, Friends


Rachel from a spoil brat to a successful mother and a working woman she got from zero to hero and all by her self. She was supportive of Monica when she and chandler wanted to move in. She respected Rosses decisions.

Rachel, Friends


Ross was all messed up due to his divorce with carol. Yeah i know you thought there for a second which divorce. But yeah we are talking about his first one. Well this thing messed up his all the relationships. But in the end he know where he wanted to be and who he truly wants. That was Rachel and he took the courage and went to the airport and told her how he felt shows how he got fine.

Ross, Friends


Pheobe was free spirit and according to Ross she was never in a serious relationship. But when the right person came to her life she got serious about life and goals. She had the most beautiful wedding. With mister perfect of her own.

Pheobe, Friends


Joey, well there is nothing that changed in him but there was something that was extraordinary. How he left Rachel for Ross even though he loved her. Joey was supportive of pheobe. When he was selflessly ready to marry Pheobe when he thought she was pregnant. He was a good friend. No matter how immature he was with his relationship with girls. He was mature with his all friends in all ways.

Joey, Friends

They all were beautifully changed into best versions of them selves.

Selfless act

Once Joey said that there is no selfless act in this world because whenever one helps the other there is a little bit of hint of happiness and thus that is not a selfless act. But he was wrong there was a selfless act that was underrated. When Carol and Susan got married and Ross walked her down the aisle even though he was not happy about it. That was a selfless act that went unnoticed.

Selfless act

Friends reunion

With all the laughter fun and iconic moments friends reunion is happening. What we know is that this is Filmed and finalized by HBO Max and its going to release very soon. But according to sources that is not another season but a kind of meet up. Cast will be themselves they will meet talk and enjoy what they had back then. We will see them being them and being real friends.

Fans around the world are very excited about this even though us also. We are waiting if it’s really going to be a reunion meet up or another season.

Well no matter what we will enjoy everything about them.

And if you are Friends virgin go and stream it online and watch and enjoy life. That’s all from us and it’s a wrap. But do remember real world is going to suck but you are gonna love it.

Friends Reunion 2021

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