How to Respect Quran Everywhere and Why Sweden Incident Was Wrong

Respect Quran
The Quran is the most sacred scripture of Islam. God gave it to us over a period of 23 years to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on his soul) and provided advice and healing to all Muslims and non-Muslims too. In addition, its language blends prose, poetry and wisdom that challenge the human mind while generating admiration and wonder in those reading its books.
As Muslims are believers in that the Quran as God’s final testament and message to humanity. The Quran is the only scripture that validates previous ones in the course of completing His mission and safeguarding against any change or deterioration caused by Him (Surah 15, verse 9,) In verse 9, He states “Indeed It was We who sent it down [i.e. the Quranthe Quran. Therefore, we will definitely guard it”.
We therefore hold the Quran with reverence and respect, and treat its instructions and teachings with respect and reverence and memorizing its verses to contemplate the meaning behind them, and seeking blessings to guide us as we follow its guiding principles and adore more than everything else in this world.
The respect for the Quran extends far beyond listening to its verses We also honor the physical copies of it and its symbols by safeguarding their physical appearance and their physical form. For example, we keep them in a safe place and handle them and with care, never touch them without first having completed an absorptiosis (never ever! ) Don’t put them in books on the floor. Write on them or tear them apart without prior abstinence, and we don’t throw them out or burn them These actions demonstrate the respect for what this amazing faith means to everyone who is a Muslim currently!
Respect is due to the Quran since we consider it as the Word of God for us, and believe it to be one of His greatest gifts and blessings. In fact, it is our primary life’s source both in this and the next.
It is unfortunate that not everyone treats the Quran with the respect it merits. Some have displayed the most resentment and disdain for the Quran in a variety of ways by desecrate or sabotaging it in a variety of ways, one instance occurred quite recently and with a slap in the face in Sweden in which an extremist right-wing activist burnt a copy of the Quran outside the mosque during Eid al-Adha – one of the main Muslim celebrations.
The incident has sparked widespread anger from Muslims across the world as well as some non-Muslims who cherish the freedom of religion as well as human rights and human dignity. Sweden promising to defend its Muslim minority from discrimination and hate crimes.
This was not an isolated incident. Sweden has seen numerous occasions in the past of Quran burning and destruction by extremist groups who claim to defend freedom of expression and Western values. They also sought permits to hold demonstrations that involve burning copies both the Quran as well as other holy books like Torah as well as the Bible.
These actions are off-putting and insensitive towards Muslims or other communities of faith. However, they are equally harmful and unresponsible. they promote violence, hatred and conflict between people of various backgrounds or religions as well as undermine social cohesion within a diverse and multicultural society. They are in violation of human rights and international laws that protect freedom of religion and expression;

Why Should We Respect Quran Everywhere

As Muslims as Muslims, it is our obligation and obligation to honor the Quran everywhere in a gesture of worship to God and devotion to His word. In addition, observing it wherever allows us to follow our faith with no fear or trepidation as we carry out its instructions to all with wisdom and compassion.
As non-Muslims, it’s our duty to observe the Quran everywhere in an act to show tolerance as well as understanding between different religions. Furthermore, the respect for Islam via the Quran gives insights into its doctrines while also demonstrating peace and goodwill with all of our Muslim neighbors.
The importance of respecting the Quran doesn’t mean we have to follow every word of it or adhere to its rules in complete blindness instead, it simply acknowledges its significance and importance to millions of people around the world and doesn’t mean the Quran or its followers with disrespect. We treat it with respect.

What You Can Do to Respect Quran Everywhere

There are many ways we can honor the Quran wherever we go. Here are some suggestions:
* If you’re Muslim make time every week to reflect and read on the Quran with reverence and consideration. Be sure to fully comprehend the message and incorporate its principles to your everyday life. Share its wisdom in a non-judgmental, unassuming manner with the people who are around you.
If you’re not a Muslim Read the Quran with an open mind and with curiosity by learning about its background, context structures, themes, and designs as much as is possible. Get in touch with trustworthy sources should any doubts arise regarding its interpretation or its meaning to clarify the matter.
* If you find images or copies of Islam anyplace, don’t change, alter, or touch them without seeking permission from them, or touching any object that is on top of or under them without talking to their owner. Don’t write on or damage the artifacts without obtaining permission prior to burning them or throwing them away safely.
* If you see someone speaking and/or playing a recording or audio of the Quran Do not interfere or disturb them by making loud noises, or talk over them, or make fun of them. Do not switch channels or turn off their devices!
If you see any person who is disrespecting any aspect of the Quran and Islam in any way don’t join them or support those who do. Don’t be silent or oblivious to this plight – instead be vocal and stand up for the right thing; report any instances to authorities as required, and educate the ignorant about its meaning, and dispelling false information about its contents.
Final Conclusion Quran is a classic book that is worthy of the respect of anyone around the world. Serving as a guide and source of wisdom as well as healing, mercy and guidance for both Muslims as well as non-Muslims, it is a testament to human intellect while inspiring reverence for each verse that is read aloud from the pages.
The incident that occurred in Sweden is in no doubt a crime and unacceptable. It is an act of hate that violates human rights and international laws. Likewise the ignorance that threatens the harmony and cohesion of society is evident here.
Respecting the Quran should be a fundamental part of our responsibilities and obligations in both our roles as Muslims as well as non-Muslims, because it is a symbol of acceptance, understanding and tolerance. peace, and goodwill between people of different religious beliefs.
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Thanks for observing and studying the Quran with care and dedication. I pray that God bless you with his mercy and guidance, and wisdom as He guides you to truthful direction. Ameen

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