Noor Mukadam’s murder: I don’t want to be next Noor Mukadam

Noor Mukadam

I don’t want to be next Noor Mukadam

Soul full of life

A young full of life soul departed from this cruel world, in the hands of her friend. World is burning after Noor Mukadam’s murder. As this happened i am thinking i don’t want to be next Noor Mukadam

Noor mukadam left this world and her parents started a fight for justice soon after that tweeter flooded with different hashtags like:





And many more with different tags along.

Many women faced harsh things like domestic abuse in past few weeks and it’s hard on everyone specifically other women. Thinking about Noor shivers run through my body what she went through no soul can even imagine. It is said by different sources that she tried to escape her killer by jumping off the first floor.
Reading different news papers and articles everyone states that Noor was murdered by Zahir Zakir Jaffer. No she was slaughtered by him like an animal. Like a deer haunted by a hungry lion. But i think i am wrong here writing him and comparing him with a lion he is worst. I just wish may her soul rest in peace and she find justice.

Noor Mukadam

Another one gone

Near Noor’s case a news broke about how on a running high way a woman was raped on gunpoint in front of her husband. It is so sad what happened to her and what would have went through her mind when she was suffering. No mind can imagine.
A woman killed by her husband. Her own savior. He killed her whom she thought of someone who would protect her and save her from this cruel world. I don’t want to go in details why he killed her what she did or what ever happened. Killing someone is never justified. No one got the right to take any soul, but Almighty Allah.

Zahir Jaffer

I am afraid

Speaking for myself i am afraid like i was never before. Afraid to go out in my car, go to a friend’s house. I am so afraid of men whose mentalities are dangerous.


Yes not all men are same

Yes it is a whole long debate about Not all men are same yes all are different, mentalities make them different. Their phallus makes them same. Some are controlled by that phallus and some uses their brains. I have read about the different cases of honor killing in Peshawar in the name of girls wanted to study, some don’t want to marry young or some refusing different proposals. And also about a father who used to travel many kilometers to take her daughter to school he waits there while she attends the school and comes back with her. So yes all men are not same.

Noor Mukadam’s murder

Harassment at every step we walk

Women face harassment at every step they walk, yes it seems like I am exaggerating but no i am not. I still remember something from 12 years ago. I had travel through bus and was waiting for bus. I was standing between my mother and my father, a man passed by and pinched me on my back just in the blink of an eye he went past me and I was in complete shock when he passed I couldn’t move or even breath and I still remember when I turned back to see what had happened I still remember his wicked evil smile he gave and i was still shivering. I held my mother’s hand and she asked why was i so cold and shivering I kept quiet for that moment and upon reaching home I told her everything. I am still afraid to travel by bus or even standing at a bus stop. If I had to I still look behind me like some unstable person.

Women harassment

Caught by deadly predators

Not long ago just yesterday I was travelling with my husband at night and suddenly i felt a bike was following us and it scared the hell out of me the thought was killing me. I was looking at the back like he is going to get me and I cannot be saved. But I was mistaken and that bike was not following us. What I meant all to tell of You about this is that what kind of stress on my mind, on every girl’s mind.

No one wants to live like this thinking that they are going to be caught by a deadly predator. We all should stand and do something about this. Someone has to put an end to it. And to do so is to punish them publicly let them know that they will be caught and they will face the worst death. They should be hanged publicly. Many people will oppose this suggestion saying it will leave a negative on the impact public but dear my these monsters what they are doing are not leaving any good impression either. Precautionary measures can be taken when they should be hanged like make sure no one films it and there are no under age kids. When police can be arranged for passing of any politician. Then police can make sure that is everything arranged perfectly.

Woman screaming

Take a oath

Ending my talk here with a note that remember trends on Tweeter are just for some times They are trending this moment and gone next so take a oath to your self that don’t just make it trend make it an obligation. Stand together and to something. Take care be safe and protect each other. Because I don’t want to be next Noor mukadam.


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