International Women’s Day 2024: Let’s stop this Domestic abuse

International women’s day 2021

Women’s day 2024

This 8th of March is International Women’s Day 2024 (IWD) let’s  stop this Domestic abuse It is celebrated in honor of women around the world of every color and race. It is still tragedy that in some parts of the world women still don’t know about their rights how can they know about this International women’s day. Women work hard and still unappreciated this is unjust with them they need appreciation to let them know how much they matter.

International women's day 2024

women are abused from centuries no matter literate or illiterate. We have seen women who are running empire and still abused by their partners and simple house wives too.

Every passing minute a abuse happens

After hearing the word domestic abuse just one thing comes to mind and that is, some personal matter of two people that are fighting and having issues. Well that is not the case it is far worse and bad. Every minute passing cause up to 20 cases of domestic abuse, only in United States of America. USA is developed country and if there is such a great number think of other numbers and figures in under developed countries. Well we are here today only going to talk about causes and impacts.

International Women's Day 2024

What is abuse?

We have to understand that what actually abuse is? Abuse in simplest words is using your power in wrong way, getting out of line and using your powers to destroy someone. Domestic Abuse often seen in partners, they can be either, married, dating or just with having a fling. Abuse happens domestically. Domestic abuse is within bounders of a home, which victim think of it as the safest place, but sadly that happy safe place turns into ultimate torture house for them. The victim goes through the wrist trauma and they think of ending their life. Suicidal thoughts run through their mind, but suicide is not always the answer. Domestic abuse can be of different kinds, like:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Psychological or emotional abuse
  • Financial abuse

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is the worst and you can say the last stage if abuse, male partners tends to physically harm the victim in any way possible. Many cases reported that women were injured by the men who throw anything at them while having a simple conversation.

Sexual abuse

sexual abuse is also bad in it’s own way. Having sexual intercourse is suppose to be with consent of both partners, but male often tend to use their masculinity on women and try to force it. When women refuse they forcefully try to have it and in resistance they start beating them. They feel pleasure in beating.

International Women's Day 2024

Financial abuse

Financial abuse is also something not so big yet so brutal. Imagine living a life where beg your partner to help you financially or to give you money for daily needs. Now here people will say that why don’t she earn or be independent, the reason is that cruel person won’t even let her earn. Imagine bagging that monster to have some food in your belly, when that is basic human right.

Psychological or emotional abuse

Psychological or emotional abuse is worst if all kinds. This kind of abuse is something so brutal that leaves no mark on body. There is nothing to show but still brutal. In this kind of abuse the abuser emotionally attack the victim. This all starts in fun and jokes and leaves victim injured. Like simple things ‘your hands are so masculine’ ( followed by a laugh). But this joke hurts and hurts the most. This abuse is bad because there is nothing to show, if you are going through thus you cannot tell anyone because there is nothing to show not even a single scratch. And this is bad.

Domestic Abuse

There is thing that everyone needs to understand that torture is not always physical but some are emotional too. This may not leave a mark on the body but will surely leave mark on the soul and body. We must work on this and learn more that how can we over come the domestic violence and learn to carry on in our lives. Lets take a oath this Women’s Day 2024 to help our sisters in need of help who are crying out loud for help and who are crying with no voice hold hands and help.

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