Derek Chauvin found guilty of racism

George Floyd

In a garden where there are different kinds of flowers that blooms, they are of different colors, not all are same but they all are equally beautiful and attractive. No admirer ever questioned a flower; “Whats wrong with your color?” Just the way we admire the beautiful flowers why don’t we admire the people of different color without racism?  

George Floyd

Finally a flower that went to heaven found justice when Derek Chauvin found guilty of racism. Finally verdict came and it came that Derek Chauvin actually killed him. When he was killed a wave started of black lives matter. And people from all over the world stood up for this. In Derek Chauvin’s trial prosecutor said in his closing words that:

You were told Mr.Floyd dies because his heart was too big. After seeing evidence, you know Mr. Floyd died because Derek Chauvin’s heart was too small.”

All Colors Matter (Racism)

What’s wrong with your color? A question hunts like a hunter and non less than a knife in your heart. It can give you so much of depression that you may want to suicide even. In this world there can be everything wrong but not the color. No one’s color is wrong, each and every person’s color is important and special as it could be. As air is important to breath. Every color is special like every gift is special. 

Color discrimination and racism is there from start, from as long as we remember. Everyday there is a new case of racist activity resulting in loss of a life. Racism and color discrimination is even in Biblical and historical world too. Jesus always shown as White Male and blue sparkling eyes.

Santa always White why? Why Barbie is always white? Why is Cleopatra shown in movies is white women, why not Nina Mae McKinney? All these are racism activities in their own way.

Just so you all know the inspiration behind our beloved Santa Claus, ‘Saint Nicholas’ was also black. Thank god there was no racism at his time, or else everyone would be bashing him. Probably a police officer killed him.  It’s just the body that is of different colors, because all souls are same. 

Imagine being colorless is a crime, You are discriminated because you are white and colorless. You are there living your life in continuous fear that you are colorless. You are just a white. Your colorless kids are using black color  to match with colored people. 


How does it feel?, to hear the word ‘colorless ‘ again and again, it is offensive and disturbing, that’s life of colored people . You protest to get your rights that. ‘White lives matter’, you are peacefully protesting and a black man come and run you over with truck. No one is listening and everyone is blaming you. That you all are just  bunch of colorless people. That’s how colored people feel.  This is the life in colored world. How they feel in your colorless world right now, how George and his family felt. But we will never let this happen to you, because you matter to us, no matter of what color you are.

All Lives Matter (Racism)

There are evidence of black people in bible too. When God decided to create Adam, He asked an Angel to collect the soil from earth and he did, angel brings back the soil of all kinds. The brown, the light, the red, the dark every color soil exists in this world. And God created Adam with all the soil. Why different soil? Why different colors? Because He wants every color in this world in from of his mankind without any racism. So who are we to discriminate and question that, what’s wrong with your color?

Being colored is not a crime, racism is

Being colored is not a crime. It’s actually beauty in a different way. This is the time we all understand that black lives matter, just like all lives matter. All colors matter. Don’t spread hate and death, when COVID-19 is already spreading death, why us? Just spread peace, love. And you will see same thing will come back to you.

Black Lives matter (Racism)

Let’s change the trend, stop asking; what’s wrong with your color? And start asking; what can I do to support you? All colors are beautiful because all souls are beautiful. Choose to love everyone and see the difference you can make.

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