Say no to suicide: life is beautiful give it a chance

Coming back to Life

Ending is not always the answers sometimes facing the thing and continuing is also a way. According to WHO every year 800,000 people commit suicide which is like one person every 40 second. There are several reasons for committing suicide and the mostly found one is mental illness. Maybe , depression due to any reason like domestic abuse etc, mood disorder, bipolar disorder, posttraumatic disorder. There are many reasons and people commit this horrible act. 

Say no to suicide: life is beautiful give it a chance, Depression
Soul trapped in a depressed body

When a person decides to end his life. He is not ending his life only but many other lives with him too, his family, friends every one suffers. The suicidal person ends his misery but started the misery of others.

Just imagine a person is in pain, depress and he thinks no one is understanding him. So he want a person who can understand him, now he is unable to find that person. He is feeling anxious there is no way out, he wants to end this pain. Eventually put a full stop on his life, because he find no way out.

Say no to suicide: life is beautiful give it a chance
Leaving life and going into darkness.

Think for a second when you were going through this problem you wanted someone to understand you but no one did.
Now you are gone and started the misery of another one. He or she is in the same condition don’t you think he will be thinking of ending his or life too, you want this cycle? Dont you think he or she wants a shoulder too? But he or she cannot find. Understand this that when you end this, this is not actually end but start of many other events. Suicide is not always the answer sometimes standing strong and facing it is. Getting broken but keeping the pieces together is real thing you can do. 

The feeling of suicidal thoughts is hard you fell like stuck in a room with no windows and door and it seem like its getting smaller and smaller and there is no way you are going to see the dawn again or even moon light.

Say no to suicide: life is beautiful give it a chance, embrace the life
Coming back to light, fighting all demons

Have patience that room is not going to stay there forever the walls are not stronger than you, you are strongest dear, there is rain outside the dark room there is wind blowing not getting to you but its destroying the walls day by day and those walls are going to come down and you will see everyone waiting outside and see the dawn with them stand again with beautiful moon light, just keep your self together everyone is there outside listening to you, your voice is getting to them but you cannot hear them because the walls are thick but they listen and are helping they are breaking the wall down just keep talking let them know you are still  

You are a beautiful soul inside and that should not go to waste, if no one deserve you, ‘YOU’ deserve your self because you are precious. Let these thoughts go away for a second and think what is there, give life a chance because life is beautiful.

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