Women’s day 2023: Challenge is change, don’t be a victim too.

Women’s day 2021, we are sisters

We are in this together because challenge is change.

Like we say every day is a mother’s day and we don’t need to specify a day to love our mothers , same as every day is a women’s day and we don’t have to wait for a day to support them. Women face challenges every day of their lives, even on 8th of march a woman will be getting abused, demotivated, suppressed so these things don’t stop. Women still rise and get their heads up to function in this world. We all know the problems women face in their everyday work whether it is home or professional work.

Women's day 2021

Women vs Women | Women’s Day

People have seen and talked about women getting abused by men challenged by men but no one talks about women getting challenged by women. Women abused by women. So let’s talk today. The woman is already fighting her own demons kicking ass of men and then there comes women who hate each other and try to degrade them. But why? Aren’t men enough to be getting in front of. We don’t need women banging each others head.

Women's day 2021, we are sisters

We are sisters and we have to work together no matter what, yes an urge to get ahead is in every one but using things to defame our sister is not ethical. That’s about work place. There are cases who are all about women abusing women. Beating and holding grudges against each other. There are women who are home wreckers and spoiling marriages. Stealing homies. In number of affairs men also cheat. But with whom they cheat, they accept them like that homie is good she should not be accepting that man and let him down, let him know that sisters are together in this if you cheat on one other one is not a toy to play or enjoy who will accept you like nothing. Show him that he doesn’t matter now. To any of you.

Women's day 2021

You’re a Queen | Women’s Day

Support your sister and stand strong. Challenge them, their thought, their comfort. Keeping everything simple and keeping words simple let us tell you that. Men are already ahead of us, and our sisters are competing against them. Our sisters should not be afraid of us. We should get together be a team and challenge their thoughts, their work and them. We are in this together because challenge is change.

you are a queen

Women’s day is not just about celebrating it meaninglessly, it is about

  • Supporting 
  • Loving
  • Caring 

Sisters we are queens wearing our crowns and if ones crown losses we should fix that other than try to snatch it.

“So this is crown for a women by a women to a women.”

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