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14th August: Pakistan’s Independence Day!

August 14, 2023

14th August Pakistan Independence Day
On 14th August, Pakistan celebrates Independence Day – marking their liberation from British rule – marking it with great significance for their people as it signifies their ancestor’s hard fought struggles and sacrifices that lead them towards independence.
Pakistan first took steps towards independence with the formation of All India Muslim League (AIML) in 1906 – an organization set up to defend Muslims rights within British India while advocating for them and advocating an independent homeland under Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s guidance. This establishment of an AIML was key in advocating for their independence as it provided protection to their rights as British Indian subjects while advocating a separate homeland for them to call their own.

The Lahore Resolution

Lahore Resolution

In the year 1940, the Muslim League adopted the Lahore Resolution that called for independence for a Muslim state within areas in which Muslims were the dominant religion. This resolution set the stage for Pakistan.

After years of political negotiations and communal tension, Britain ultimately agreed to partition India, giving birth to India and Pakistan on August 14, 1947 at midnight. Pakistan emerged as an independent Muslim nation state under Jinnah as its inaugural Governor-General.
Independence Day celebrations take place across Pakistan every August 14th.
Celebrated each year on May 1, this national day begins with flag hoisting ceremonies held across federal, provincial, school, and private organizations; national anthem is then performed while saluting and saluting with pride as symbols of national unity.
At the center of each National Day is an address by Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain highlighting progress, challenges, unity, democracy and socioeconomic development as priorities in Pakistan’s progress and socioeconomic development. His speech is watched live on TV by millions across Pakistani borders.
As part of Pakistan Day celebrations and parades, various cultural events and parades are organized to showcase Pakistan’s rich cultural diversity and tradition. People of all ages come out and enjoy traditional music performances, dance troupes and theatrical plays showcasing Pakistani traditions and achievements.
Independence Day provides us all an opportunity to remember those who have made great sacrifices on behalf of their country. So our country could gain its freedom, with prayers being said at mosques and other religious buildings for its prosperity, security and progress.

Solidarity amongst people on 14th August

14th August Pakistan Independence Day
Pakistan Day is also marked by acts of charity and philanthropy; numerous organizations and individuals participate by providing food, clothes and essential items to less-privileged Pakistanis – this fosters an atmosphere of kindness among citizens across Pakistan.
Independence Day festivities in recent years have taken to technology and social media as they express patriotism on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This digital celebration helps connect Pakistanis around the globe while giving them access to celebrations regardless of physical location.
Pakistan’s Independence on 14th August Day serves not only to commemorate but also reflect upon the challenges we are currently experiencing as a country, while encouraging all Pakistanis to work collaboratively towards creating an equitable, prosperous, and cohesive country.
As Pakistan marks its 76th Independence Day today, this day provides us an opportunity to assess both progress made thus far and the challenges ahead. Pakistan remains committed to fulfilling the dreams of its founders by upholding democracy, equality and justice principles in society as a whole.
On this momentous occasion, let us come together as Pakistanis regardless of our differences to strive towards creating a brighter future for ourselves and future generations. Happy Independence Day Pakistan!


August 14, 2023
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