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Motivational: Are You Struggling with Motivation and How Can It Benefit Me? To define it simply: motivation refers to the reason or drive behind our actions or behavior and can also refer to psychological processes which serve to initiate, direct and sustain goal-oriented behaviours. Motivation may be affected by various factors including;
Intrinsic Motivation: Intrinsic motivation comes from within; your interests, passions, values beliefs or enjoyment all play into it. Do something just because it makes you happy without expecting external reward or punishment: perhaps reading books, playing a game or learning new skills because they find them enjoyable or satisfying are examples.
Extrinsic Motivation: This motivation is derived from sources outside Extrinsic Motivation: Extrinsic motivation comes from outside sources like your environment, peers, parents, teachers and bosses – such as an external reward or punishment being received or avoided – such as studying hard, working hard or adhering to rules because doing so would earn good grades, earn money or avoid trouble.
Incentive Motivation: Incentive motivation refers to motivation that stems from anticipating or perceiving some positive or negative outcome based on your behavior, whether positive or negative. For instance, exercising regularly, eating healthily, and quitting smoking in order to enhance one’s health or overall well-being might all provide incentive.
Motivational Achievement: It refers to an internal desire for something challenging, meaningful or valuable – for instance pursuing an educational or vocational degree program so you can prove yourself, excel at something or make an impactful contribution – such as by reaching your potential, raising status or making a positive difference in society.
Motivation can help us understand what motivates ourselves and others in everyday activities, while improving performance and wellbeing by finding and following your motivations.
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